Mission Possible Award for Marino Special School- May 2020

Mission Possible Award for Marino Special School- May 2020

Marino Special School in Bray is delighted to be chosen as the winners of the fourth annual Mission Possible awards on 27 May 2020. This year, with schools taking extraordinary steps to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students all across the country have gone to amazing efforts to create new projects and initiatives aimed at keeping a positive attitude and reducing anxiety among students.

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The Mission Possible school achievement awards are dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the work schools do to promote positive mental health, both in the classroom and in the wider community. Through this initiative, schools from all over Ireland are recognised for their efforts and contributions in tackling the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mission Possible 2020 | Winning schools of mental health awards announced and Marino Special School is awarded Best Stand Alone Project

Marino School staff and students were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Katerina Cussen and Barbora Klimova, qualified and talented music therapists, who are funded by The Wicklow Arts Council. The well-being of students and families is a priority for Marino School and self-expression through music and art, enables our students to express their feelings and thereby, reduce anxiety. The ‘Use of Rap’ is a process of engaging with students using free rap and improvisation. This offers a comfortable platform for self-expression, with emotional and physical release. According to Katerina, rapping offers students an experience of mindfulness, fueled by a creative process, which supports positive social interactions and increased collaboration. This is particularly effective for students who have additional needs.

In these unprecedented times of extended school closure, Marino School acknowledges the impact of the closure on members of our school community. The Board of Management and staff members appreciate the stressful situations for our students, parents and their families, with the loss of routine and engagement within a structured school environment. The well-being of students and families is of paramount importance and maintaining a connection with students attending Marino School is challenging over the course of the school closure. Staff have explored ways of communicating with students and provide work activities and meaningful tasks within a manageable home schedule. While some students are struggling with the change in their routine, others have adjusted remarkably to a new dynamic home routine, with life skills, activity and wellbeing high on the agenda! Marino School acknowledges the great engagement and wonderful work by parents at this time. Upon our return to school, staff will engage with each student at their own level of need and work collaboratively with therapists and parents in specific school re-integration programmes for students.

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