Friendship Theme

Friendship Theme

❤️FRIENDSHIP - All classes have been working on a friendship theme since January, with the values of love, kindness and sharing with others central to the theme. Junior classes explored the concept of friendship, identified some friends and how we should treat our friends. Senior classes explored the value of friendships, our friends in school and in our communities, online friends and safety on the internet, to include cyberbullying. St. Valentine’s Day arrived and there were hearts everywhere! All classes enjoyed their engagement and participation in this whole-school theme – Students made a School Kindness quilt and also a chain of compliments for our friends (you are kind, thoughtful, caring, nice, funny, you listen to me, you share your games with me etc), to link the Junior and Senior ends of the school. Heart-shaped decorations in all textures, to include felt hearts, wooden hearts and of course, heart-shaped shortbread cookies were made. I think that all can agree that it was a fun theme and it joined the two ends of the school together in a shared learning goal. ❤️

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