Marino School welcomes GROOVE by Anna Newell

Marino School welcomes GROOVE by Anna Newell

Groove Performances in Marino School

Marino School was delighted to welcome GROOVE in the week 17th to 19th May 2021. This is a 70’s inspired theatre adventure for audiences of children and young people with complex needs created by Bray-based theatre maker Anna Newell. Anna's work for children/young people with complex needs was the first of its kind in Ireland and she continues to create theatre adventures for this diverse audience that is immersive, sensory and above all responsive.

Thank you to Anna and her team for bringing the magical “Groove” Performance to Marino School and for allowing us to join in a unique experience of music, light, movement and music! All students really enjoyed their engagement with song, dance and music in a colourful and calming environment. The combination of stimuli encouraged meaningful engagement from our students, as a form of self-expression. The Groove performances were very exciting inclusive dramatic experiences, which enabled participation from all students at their own ability level and access to theatre and drama in a meaningful way. The true success of the “Groove” project is how the artists made theatre accessible and enjoyable for our cohort of students with complex needs.

The Network For Extraordinary Audiences has been funded by the Arts Council of Ireland to create and advocate for high quality theatre work created specifically for children/young people with complex needs. Keep up your fantastic work!

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