The Walls Project in Marino School - Nov 2021

The Walls Project in Marino School - Nov 2021

The Walls Project in Marino School - Nov 2021

On the 1st of December, students in Marino Community Special school completed the final part of the Creative Cluster Project which had been delayed because of the pandemic. This was a graffiti workshop culminating in the creation of a mural on a wall outside our school.

The graffiti workshop was organised through “The Walls Project”, an organisation based in Waterford. Before the Summer, the students had participated in a brainstorming session to come up with a theme for the mural. The most popular theme was “Save the Bees”.

Staff and students worked collaboratively with the Artist from the Walls project, Magda. Following a few modifications, we finally agreed on the art idea which would become the mural and Magda designed the piece to represent the theme.

All the students participated in a graffiti workshop with the artist in the hall. Each student was encouraged to use the spray paints, which are synonymous with graffiti art. This was a new experience for everyone and it was really good fun!

When students developed their technique, they began working on the mural outside. Magda sketched an outline of a flower and bees on a wall at the front of the school. Students took turns individually and in groups to spray colours onto specific areas under Magda’s guidance and instruction. The students learned about different spraying techniques to create depth and shadow in the piece.

We had a wonderful day creating a beautiful piece of art which will be enjoyed for years to come.

Well done to every student in Marino School – You are all amazing!!

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As part of our Creative School's programme, staff organised whole-school art activities which were based on the theme of Love and St. Brigid.
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