Active Schools Morning Fitness Programme

Active Schools Morning Fitness Programme

As part of Marino School’s Active School Programme, students participate in a daily fitness routine of stretching, exercise and inclusive skills based games. Twice a week, the students participate in a Running Programme as well.

The morning sessions include a five minute relaxing ‘head to toe stretching’ routine to encouraging flexibility and strength. Stretching is followed by a series of higher intensity exercises chosen by students from a Fitness Board. These exercise include movements like Star and Frog Jumps, Climbing The Rope, Running on The Spot, and many others as well.

The session concludes with one of a selection of skill based games like: Football Bowling, Colour Cones, Last Person Standing and Musical Spots. These games help students to work on their balance, co-ordination, speed and also listening skills in a fun and inclusive way.

The students continue to strengthen their fitness levels each week and love the music, that is chosen by themselves, which acts as a motivating backdrop to their great efforts.

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