Aims of our School

Aims of our School

Marino School aims to promote each child’s optimal development through a child-centred, individualised curricular approach. To support this aim our school provides a caring and nurturing environment within which all pupils are supported in developing their full potential, self-esteem and self-worth. Marino School has strong links with the community and works collaboratively with local schools, through a wide variety of local initiatives.

Marino School aims to foster, through carefully planned individual education programmes, independence, dignity, self-discipline, social independence and competent handling of basic daily needs. This prepares each student as far as possible, for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life. We endeavour to establish effective communication with the families of all students, as the success and achievement of goals depends on the co-operation and support of every parent/guardian.

03 2024
Marino School Closed
04 2024
Marino School Closed
28 2024
School closes at 12 noon
As part of our Creative School's programme, staff organised whole-school art activities which were based on the theme of Love and St. Brigid.
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