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The school logo in Marino School was designed by Vera Reshto, London based digital designer, motion designer, animator and illustrator. Marino School wishes to acknowledge Vera's huge contribution to our school and for designing a logo which is representative of our vibrant and dynamic school environment. Vera worked collaboratively with us to elicit students’ views on what the logo should represent and also and to get a feel for our school ethos.


What our school logo represents:

Students gave proposals for school logos and the following words describe what the logo should represent - The majority of student responses represented a sense of belonging and a feeling being accepted. Students noted that their school is busy and they have fun doing their work and joining in school activities. Being part of this school community makes students happy. Our work with Vera Reshto highlighted the student's reflections on their school and we looked at many proposals, to capture the essence of our school.

  • As you can see, the winning logo that was most popular among students, was the "M" logo, with colourful interlocking shapes which make up the "M" for MARINO! The logo is colourful, warm and welcoming, as is our school environment. The individual shapes which make the "M" are unique in shape and colour but fit together to make a perfect "M" logo for our school. Likewise, all of us are individual and have our unique learning styles and personalities, but we all belong to this school community.
  • The colours are slightly transparent in shade and you can see how the interlocking shapes make the “M” logo. All the different shapes support each other to make “M”. Marino School is a transparent working environment, which operates in a collaborative way to create openness between our school, parents, therapists and the community. The Board of Management promotes the establishment of teams to support the holistic needs of students in our school. Each team member (teacher, parent, special needs assistant, clinical support) shares knowledge skills and expertise and works collaboratively in addressing the needs of individual students. Working together, we can help students to achieve goals and realise their potential at their own level of development.
  • Marino Community Special School has enjoyed the welcome and support of the Bray community over the years since its establishment in 1956. There is a sense of belonging to our local community. Marino has established links and shared practice with many local special and mainstream schools, through art, music and sporting projects. Just as the shapes in the “M” logo support each other, the local community supports Marino Community Special School. The Board of Management acknowledges the huge contributions from various clubs, societies and groups in the Bray Community, to assist us in developing specialised school facilities and resources for our students (see school facilities). The “M” for Marino represents the deeply rooted sense of belonging to our community – the foundation of inclusion and choice for all our students.

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28 2024
School closes at 12 noon
As part of our Creative School's programme, staff organised whole-school art activities which were based on the theme of Love and St. Brigid.
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